Born from a passion for rebellion, freedom, and the artistry of a bygone era, UNION Kitchen & Tap pays tribute to the prohibition era. A time when the spirit of revolution fueled creativity, and craftsmanship was an art form. Across our three venues, we weave together a narrative of the past, beautifully intertwined with the present.

More than a dining experience, UNION is a place where people come together. Join a community dedicated to crafting unforgettable moments and forging lasting connections.

Welcome to the heart of UNION Kitchen & Tap!


At UNION, we proudly declare a “Culinary Revolution.” Our menus are meticulously crafted to showcase the quality and purity of each ingredient. Our chefs, devoted to their craft, infuse every dish with innovation. Our seasonal menus reflect a repertoire of both new and traditional cooking methods, enhanced with the best and freshest ingredients. Every bite is a journey through time, a fusion of nostalgia and modern culinary artistry.


Our creative mixologists serve up classic and progressive cocktails, each balanced with a broad spectrum of specially selected spirits and liqueurs. Our emphasis on interesting and artisanal winemakers, along with our showcase of house-made cocktails and craft beers, adds distinguished appeal to your experience.

Our Locations




Union Kitchen & Tap offers a variety of pre-fixed menu selections perfectly suited for a cocktail reception, group dinner, breakfast meeting or private luncheon. Our Award Winning Culinary Team has created an unmatched farm-to-fork dining experience using locally sourced organic ingredients and utilizing classic and contemporary cooking methods.